Student Registration

Group Submissions: 

If you are making a group submission, one member of the group will need to register the group project entry. Once that information is saved, the entry is given a "team key" a unique number code, that the registering student can share with their teammates. The other students on the team will then open their own student accounts and enter the team key for their entry. Doing so will bring up the title and description of their project as it was filled out by the initial registering student. Additional team members should confirm their membership on the team and are then linked to the entry. 

Registration Fee:

There is a $10.00 registration fee per student (regardless of individual or group submissions) 


Payments must be by check or money order (sorry, no credit cards) and made out to: Regents Research/USNY and mailed to: New York State Museum Room 3023, Attn: Joanne Greenough          222 Madison Ave, Albany, New York 12230 

Please include your student's full-name in the check or money order memo line. If paying for multiple students, please attach a list including each student's name. 

Payment must be made at the time of registration-- Registration is not complete until fee is received.

Note: If a student's school is paying the registration fee, the student will need to select "pay by check" during the registration process. Please confirm with your teacher before registering to be sure your school is covering the cost of your registration. 


For any questions about registration, email subject line:registration

For any questions about payment, email subject line:payment 


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